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Horoscope (Janma Patrika) is the base of astrological prediction, and without it, accurate predictions are not possible. We provide Horoscope in both printed and digital formats, available in Gujarati, Hindi, or English.

We offer Horoscope that include all essential details such as Panchang, Lagna Kundli, Chalit Kundli, Cusp Kundli, Rashi Kundli, Navmasa Kundli, Sadvargiya Kundli, Shada Bala, Sudarshan Chakra, Astakvarga Chart, Astrottari Dasha, Vimsottari Pratyantar Dasha, Sadesati Report, Favourable Points, and General Predictions. Our analysis covers all aspects of your horoscope, including planetary influences, houses, and significant periods, offering you a holistic understanding of your life's unfolding story.

You can choose to receive the Horoscope by visiting our office, through speed post or digitally via Whatsapp or Email.

Charges: Rs. 300/-
(Courier Charges Extra)

How to Make a Payment:
You can make a payment through UPI and Paypal. Know the payment options here.

How to Send a Request:
Contact us via Call or WhatsApp.